GRAVES is a multi-material installation conceived in response to an artist-in-residence program at The CORRIDOR Project (Cowra, NSW) in 2020. The program focused on the impact of the Anthropocene on the environment, a pertinent theme as humanity faces a host of human-induced ecological challenges.

During her time at CORRIDOR, Jessica Raschke (writer, artist and psychotherapist), was haunted by a knowing that humans have plundered and imperilled the land without much long-term consideration of their impact. Humans often express their sorrow and regret about this but – at this stage – it rarely amounts to substantial, positive change.

With this in mind, GRAVES involved Jessica writing messages of apology to the Earth on postcards, and then burying them on CORRIDOR land. The apologies, however, are blithely written with trite and disingenuous words, encapsulating the prevailing human attitude that wrongs can be made right via a simple apology. If the apologies are not genuine and heartfelt, then will the Earth ever offer its forgiveness?