Pure Poetry

Three nights of spectacular poetry in July, September and November 2010, featuring some of Australia’s most talented and interesting performance poets.

Venue: JOLT at 488 Albert Street, Brunswick

Friday 16 July, 7:30pm

The Confession Files by Sean M Whelan, Michelle Dabrowski, Paul Mitchell and Alicia Sometimes, with music by Andrew Watson

What does it feel like to witness a crime and not say something? How can you suddenly snap one day and hurt the person you love? How do you ruin everything you have desperately worked so hard to keep? Can there ever be absolution or atonement? Can there be true forgiveness? A night of monologues, poetry, passion and lyrical confession of crimes. Writers Sean M Whelan, Michelle Dabrowski, Paul Mitchell and Alicia Sometimes take you on a search for the things you do that have no words, with music by Andrew Watson. Part of the Crime and Justice Festival.

Friday 17 September, 7:30pm

P/O/ETRY(S) by TT.O.

An exploration into the poetic spaces that TT.O. has explored for over 40 years — visual/verbal/sound/animated/numbers/conceptual and dialect poetries. In conjunction with the Overload Poetry Festival.

Friday 12 November 2010, 7:30pm

Homage – orbits of influence by Javant Biarujia, berni m janssen, John Jenkins and Jurate Sasnaitis

Poets pay their respects to some of the artists, art-forms, art movements that have influenced them: cut ups, readymades, OuLiPo, contemporary improvisational music, John Cage, Rudi Krausmann. Part poetry, part theatre, part music, part talk — all performance, all poetic.